Why You Need An Insurance Broker

Transit Insurance Cover

insurance, home insurance, or indeed any other form of insurance, are tempted to simply go online and find the first meerkat that pops its’ head up. After all, if you watch the television, it is almost impossible to avoid seeing these websites being advertised non-stop. (That is, unless you use a little trick that we do, and that is to turn the sound off when the adverts come on. You would be surprised at just how much easier it makes your evening when you don’t have to listen to all that every ten minutes).

And to be fair, there is no doubt that you can and will save money by following their advice. However, here is what you probably don’t know and that is that even those websites do not promote every possible choice that is available. They certainly have a selection, and from that selection will direct you to the cheapest one for your circumstances. However, the big “but” is that these are only the insurance policies and companies with which they have an arrangement and get commission when you buy. There may well be a far better deal for you with another company, but unfortunately, they have no arrangements with that company, so you won’t find out about it.

Not only that, but there are things that they don’t cover at all, such as transit insurance cover. If you want insurance for goods in transit from one place to another, they don’t provide that, so you cannot get any help from their website at all.

Now it may well be that you are only a homeowner and the only time you are going to need transit insurance cover is if you move home, and you are not going to do that very often. The average person only moves home every seven years.

However, if you manufacture products or are a wholesaler and need to ship products to customers on a regular basis then you are going to need that sort of cover, so how do you find the right cover at the best price?

This is why insurance brokers such as The Insurance Broker exist in the first place. Our job has two main functions. The first is to find you the insurance policy that will give you the cover that you need. That is the first and most important point. Sure, you can find a cheap insurance policy, but many of them contain all sorts of exclusion clauses which are buried deep in the small print and written in Garbalese which can be very difficult to understand. If you take that policy because it is cheap, you may come to regret it when you claim for loss or damage to goods in transit only to discover that you are not covered because the loss occurred on a Saturday, and you are not covered for goods in transit at the weekend.

Maybe that is a little extreme, but you get the idea. The most important thing is to ensure that you are covered for every eventuality.

The actual cost of the policy is second – every time.

And that is why you need us at The Insurance Broker. Our job is first and foremost to make certain that the policy we recommend provides the cover that you need. The second is to get the cheapest policy that does that.

We understand the insurance market. It is what we do. Most important, we understand all the terminology and sorts of exclusion clauses that are used.

The best part? We don’t charge you for doing this! Certainly, we get a commission from the insurance company that you buy from on our recommendation. We can’t work for nothing. But it doesn’t cost you anything and you will have the peace of mind that you have the cover that you need at the best price.