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What You Need To Know About Insurance When Moving Home

Moving home is always an exciting experience, yet at the same time it can be a source of considerable worry. There are just so many things to consider, particularly if you are moving any distance away. So, for instance, you may have to find the kids a new school, you will need a new doctor, […]

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Why Would I Need An Insurance Broker?

When it comes to finding an insurance policy in the 21st century, it is all too easy to just boot up the laptop, go online, and find a meerkat. After all, those companies that spend a small fortune on constant TV advertising are pretty good, and they give you the policy that you need at […]

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What You Need To Understand About Insurance When Shipping Goods Abroad

If you are a buyer or seller of goods that are being shipped internationally, whether by air or by sea, it is critical to understand all of the various points concerning insurance of the goods, and who is responsible for what and when.

There is a big difference between freight insurance and cargo insurance. In a […]

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When Moving Abroad, There Are Different Types Of Insurance Available

Many people who are going to send goods overseas, whether because they are moving home to another country, or simply need to send a few packages abroad for one reason or another, are under the erroneous belief that the freight forwarder who is shipping the goods for them is covered by insurance, so that they […]

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Why You Need An Insurance Broker

insurance, home insurance, or indeed any other form of insurance, are tempted to simply go online and find the first meerkat that pops its’ head up. After all, if you watch the television, it is almost impossible to avoid seeing these websites being advertised non-stop. (That is, unless you use a little trick that we […]

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Cargo Insurance Claims Can Get Very Complicated

When you are shipping goods from one place to another, one of the most complicated things to understand is that of cargo insurance claims.

One of the first things that needs explanation is that a claim has nothing to do with whether or not the carrier was negligent but is dependent on the fact that the […]

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What Sort Of Insurance Should You Have When Moving Overseas?

If you are moving overseas, one of the most important things to do is to give yourself plenty of time to do it. This is definitely not something that you want to do in a rush because there is a lot of planning to do in order to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as […]

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What Insurance Do You Need When Running A Business?

The minute that you open a business of any description, you expose yourself to certain risks – and that is even before you hire an employee. For example, you could be making a product of some description and you make a mistake so that one of the products is faulty and as a result one […]

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Why Should You Use An Insurance Broker?

In this day and age, when you need insurance for anything, it is tempting to log on to the internet and find an online price comparison site to get the best price. After all, we all want to keep our costs to the minimum, especially for something such as insurance, which is actually paying for […]

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Using A Freight Forwarder When Importing Goods To The UK

It’s no secret that more and more people are shopping online as the result of the pandemic, and the business is booming. Rather than driving to a shopping centre, parking about half a million miles from where you need to be, and then trudging from shop to shop trying to find what you want, people […]

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