Moving house can be both an exciting and stressful experience. There is so much to consider, remember and plan for before and during moving day. One thing that should be at the top of everyone’s “To Do” list is to take out home moving insurance. This includes coverage for moving furniture.

Why should you insure your furniture and personal possessions when you move house?

These are items that you may have spent many years accumulating and in moving house you’re putting them at higher risk of loss and damage. Some of your possessions may not only have monetary value but are of great sentimental value to you too. Taking out a house moving insurance policy is the perfect way to give yourself peace of mind when moving home.

Let’s look at a few “What If?” worst-case scenarios before taking out a home removal insurance policy:

  • The lorry carrying your goods has an accident.
  • The container you have carefully packed gets washed overboard and is lost?
  • Someone steals your most valuable and personal possessions?

Having the right house removal insurance will take the strain and worry out of moving your prized possessions from A to B.

Why choose The Insurance Broker for Your House Moving Insurance?

We have more than two decades of experience in the insurance industry. Our jargon-free approach and everyday English documents mean you will never be confused by the small print in your house removal insurance policy. We can give you clear advice, information and quotes on moving house insurance for your needs.

Why take the risk? Get home moving insurance and give yourself peace of mind. 


If you prefer the personal touch:

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