Does Your Business Have 3 Or More Vehicles?

The Insurance Broker Ltd can offer comprehensive motor fleet insurance to keep all your company vehicles protected. We can arrange cover on a named or any driver basis and cover can include cover for foreign travel if required.

We can insure all your vehicles under one policy and can include a variety of vehicles including:





Forklift Trucks

Special Types

We have access to a wide range of insurers thus ensuring that we can offer the widest cover available at the most competitive premiums.



Avoid Juggling Multiple Insurance   Policies – Fleet Insurance Can Cover Your Whole Vehicle Fleet

Ensuring your vehicle is a legal requirement. This can be a nightmare when there is more than one motor vehicle to insure. Instead of finding policies for each car, businesses can engage the help of fleet insurance brokers. We’ll identify a fleet insurance policy that covers all of your vehicles under one insurance. If you have more than three cars, this may save you a lot of paperwork and could work out cheaper in the long term.

The fleet can be registered in the name of a company, a partner or a director of the business so that one policy can cover all vehicles in that company’s possession. This makes renewing easier.

Are You Moving Your Fleet Overseas? Protect Yourself with Marine Insurance

If your business is transporting vehicles overseas or across borders, you may benefit from taking out Marine Insurance for car shipping. This type of policy can cover your cars from the moment they are placed in a shipping container and delivered to a port to when they are unloaded overseas.

Typically, your existing auto or fleet insurance will not cover overseas shipping. The Shipping Line’s compensation may be limited to as little as $500 as per the carriage of goods by  sea act, and you may be liable for numerous additional charges. Marine insurance for car shipping can protect you from severe losses, especially when you are transporting more than one vehicle.

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