Cargo Goods In Transit Insurance Cover

If you own a business that regularly transports goods to and from different locations, you’ll understand the importance of needing to keep those goods safe, secure and damage-free.

That’s why we recommend that any business operation involved in transporting and delivering goods takes out comprehensive transit insurance coverage that includes goods delivery cover.

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What’s Cargo Goods in Transit Insurance Cover?

It is a form of coverage that protects the contents of any goods you are transporting in a van or lorry in the course of business. This type of cargo transit insurance policy covers your assets against theft, loss and damage when they are being moved by vehicle from one place to another.

Examples of businesses that take out a policy with us or ask us for a transit insurance quote are couriers, furniture removal companies and haulage companies.

If your business transports goods and merchandise by different means, such as air, rail, road and sea, you may need a form of ‘products in transit insurance’ called Marine Goods in Transit insurance.

If you are transporting goods overseas, we advise that you take out international transit insurance, so the wares you are moving are covered wherever they are.

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Do I Really Need Goods In Transit Insurance?

You and the goods you are carrying are protected from losses should the goods become lost, stolen or damaged in transit. It’s peace of mind, and you may be able to recover the cost.

A policy can also cover items left in the vehicle overnight if the vehicle is locked and parked securely. We can advise you about the details of any Cargo Goods in Transit policy.


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